Downtown SLC fall wedding published today on Offbeat Bride!!!

1029-0243This va-va-voom wedding of Gaea and Mark was published today by our friends over at Offbeat Bride, look for it under the section titled Wedding Porn!

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Deer Valley Resort Winter Wedding published!

1202-0557Abby and Justin’s heartfelt and breathtaking winter wedding at Deer Valley Resort was published today on Rustic Wedding Chic!  If you are planning a winter wedding, you have to check out the incredible work that Amanda from Decoration Inc did for Abby.  This is one of my favorite winter weddings of all time, and you can see the entire post HERE!

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OMG OMG OMG – Published on Ruffled Blog!!! [Finally!!!]

1323-1312 1323-1533Two words: Claire Pettibone.  Mmmmmmmmmm….  I couldn’t decide on just one image from this spectacular wedding, so I had to pick two!  Culinary Crafts did an outstanding job on the food [as always] and I am so honored to have had this wedding be selected to be featured today on Ruffled Blog!!!  See the entire post HERE.

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Fall Deer Valley Resort Wedding published!!

1233-0118Hi everyone!  Come and see Jenny and Brian [and Einstein too!] and their yummy-licious wedding day with orange orchids at the world-famous Deer Valley Resort!  See the entire post on Elizabeth Anne Designs HERE!!

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Featured on Wedding Chicks!!!

PEP_0965I am so very excited to finally be able to share these gorgeous images with you of a shoot Logan and I did a couple months ago with Michelle of Michelle Leo Events!  It was featured today on Wedding Chicks and you can see it in all its glory here!!!

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Cowboy Casual Rehearsal Dinner at High West Distillery

1202-0228Abby and Justin’s Rehearsal Dinner at High West Distillery was featured today on Rustic Wedding Chic!!!  See the entire post HERE!

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St. Regis wedding featured on Style Me Pretty!!!

1236-0376aI’m beyond thrilled to see Meredith and Chris’s gorgeous St. Regis Deer Valley wedding featured on Style Me Pretty!!! Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers did a fabulous job as usual! You can view the feature here.

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Rustic Fall Log Haven Wedding featured on Rustic Wedding Chic

1234-0181 1234-0543 1234-0602 1234-0680Alana and Adam’s stunning fall wedding at Log Haven Restaurant was featured today on Rustic Wedding Chic – thank you so much Maggie!  I’m honored to have been selected!!

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Fall St. Regis wedding published today!

1141-1107Camille and Greg’s stunning fall wedding at the St. Regis Deer Valley was selected to be featured today on Elizabeth Anne Designs!  This is a huge honor, and we are so excited!  You can see it in all of it’s glory HERE!

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Park City | Megan + Michael | Engagements

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Sundance Resort | Mika + Eli | Engagements


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Big News!!! We won Best of State 2012!!

I am so completely and utterly excited to let you all in on some pretty big news for all of us here at Pepper Nix Photography.  Pepper Nix Photography has just won Best of State for 2012!!!  This is the third time that the Best of State judges have honored us with this award and it feels AMAZING.  We especially want to thank all of our fabulous 2011 brides who let us document one of the biggest events in their lives – it is because of you that we had great images to submit!

L, Pepper

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Pepper Nix Photography is headed by the internationally awarded photographer Pepper Nix. Pepper has tremendous passion for the evocative power of the photographic image. Her work has appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, KTVX TV’s Good Things Utah, and has been featured in numerous publications, both bridal and photographic, and have received multiple awards in international print competition. Four times now, Pepper Nix was voted Best Utah Photographer by a panel of her peers in the Utah Best of State Awards. She shoots across the U.S. and abroad for celebrities, politicians, dignitaries or anyone who just wants to be treated like one.

Pepper emerged in 1999 as the first true champion of Wedding Photojournalism along Utah’s Wasatch Front, and has since gone on to become a genuine phenomenon.  Her fresh, spontaneous style, energizing personality, and remarkable ability to pluck the defining image from a fleeting scene have earned her the admiration of her peers as well as the appreciation of clients across the United States and beyond.

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My beautiful son


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I love Mexico!!!!

  730-0139.jpg Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know I’ll be gone for the next few days – I’m shooting a wedding in Mexico! I’m super excited because not only is the couple totally rad, but I will actually get to experience warm weather for a change! Does anyone have any requests for stuff they’d like me to bring back? Another thing I love? Non-stop flights to Cancun. That is really just the greatest thing ever. Thank you Delta Airlines!!! OK, see you guys on Monday then – Cheers!

Love, Pepper

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Here it is: your Moment of Zen

Zen03772.jpg When I gave birth to my son Zen 2 years ago, something snapped inside of me. I went from being a very laid-back person about all things baby, to being crazy protective of this little guy! I took thousands of pictures of him each month, wanting to document his every movement, only to decide that I couldn’t possible share them with anyone but family.

I mean, there are psychos out there who will see my beautiful son and try to take him!!! [I blame this on paranoid mommy brain]

But as he tried the potty today, it suddenly hit me how quickly he is growing up.  I sat down to write today’s blog post, the only pictures I want to share with you all are the ones of the person who has affected my life more than any other – my son. Tonight, I didn’t want to bring you someone else’s story.  I wanted to tell you mine.  I hope that’s OK, and that you enjoy your Moment of Zen.

This is Zen at 4 months.  I have a perfectly good reason for not taking pictures of him when he was smaller.  When he was first brought home, I was busy taking care of him and I simply forgot that I had a camera.  At about 6 weeks, he turned into a terrifying scaly reptilian monster.  [As I write this, I realize that one day he will read this and be sad, btu I am sorry son.  You looked repulsive.]  At 4 months, he got cute, and i got out my camera.  And no, I am not going to show you my reptile son.  I am going to save those for his wedding day.  And then he will understand how much I love him.


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Deer Valley Resort | Karen + Roger | Woven Leather Book

park-city-wedding-album-deer-valley-resort-IMG_6543.jpgHappy Monday everyone!  I was talking to someone recently who was asking about the Albums I offer.  I asked if she subscribed to my Album Monday column and she was genuinely surprised.  Although she reads all of my blog posts and has been for several months, she didn’t realize that Monday had any significance.  And that fault lies with me for not explaining it!  So welcome to Album Monday!

Each and every Monday I present another Album for you to view, ooh and ahh over.  All of these Albums are actual albums ordered by real brides who had real weddings which I really did photograph.  I will show you the Album in great detail, tell you all of the specifications, and then after I present what it looks like on the outside, I’ll let you take a peek at the guts of the book, and you’ll see the final design.

Why Album Monday?  Well, here’s the deal.  I think it’s easier to decide if you like something if you can see it.  Sample Albums in my studio are nice, but here are the numbers.  I work with 3 different Album Companies.  Each one of those companies offers a completely different selection of covers and options, about 80 apiece.  So we are looking at 240 cover options right there, and that doesn’t include anything like slipcases or accent panels.  Factoring those in, we have over 19,000 different options to choose from.  I love my studio, but I do not have room for 19,ooo sample albums.  I just don’t.  So the purpose of Album Monday is for my brides to see what is new, what is current, what Album I got in last week, and what other brides are doing.  Get ideas, get inspired, and have fun in picking what you want your family Heirloom to look like!

Today’s Book is completely custom, and I do mean completely!  Karen picked out the elements of 5 different Books that she liked, and we combined them into something truly spectacular!  This is a 200 side 8×8 Wedding Book, holding 300 images exactly.  The style is called Paris, but we upgraded the material to the Italian Dark Woven Leather.  We added a picture to the front cover, and also a slipcase, also in the Italian Dark Woven Leather.  Instead of the silver end sheets, we had custom color printed end sheets, and a different one for the front of the Book than for the back of the Book.  Enjoy!


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Deer Valley | Sophie & Aaron | Wedding Day

105-winter-wedding-photography-deer-valley-resort-empire-canyon-904-1860.jpg Oh my goodness, you can totally tell when I’m slammed busy just by following my blog – when there are no posts it means I ran out of time! My husband is away this week for a conference, and so I got the spend all that time alone with our son Zen!

I think Zen is pretty awesome, but he’s a handful. And a half.

So long story short, no blog last week pretty much. But here it is finally, the conclusion to Sophie and Aaron’s Wedding Day!

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Deer Valley | Red Leather Wedding Album

winter-wedding-finao-album-deer-valley-resort-empire-canyon-pepper-nix-photography-01-904A-34.jpgAnd the Wedding Album!!!  OMG OMG OMG, I have been waiting and waiting to share this with you until I posted the wedding, and i couldn’t do that until after the magazine came out, so you see I’ve been waiting months and months!!!

We wanted to continue the Red theme from the wedding day, and we were able to perfectly match Sophie’s red sash and shoes to a leather I carry called [appropriately] Scarlett O’Hara.  How perfect is that?!

Sophie’s Album features 161 images on 80 sides in an 11×14″ Horizontal Album.

The red leather covers the spine and back cover, but the front cover is part of the ARMOUR series, a picture printed onto a metal cover.  It looked exquisite!  I have no idea how the process works for printing onto metal [but if I did do you think i would be foolish enough to spill my secrets?!]


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Deer Valley | Sophie + Aaron | Published!

UBGWinter2010coverthumb.jpgOn each Monday, we showcase a different Wedding Album that we have produced.  Today, for the first time, Pepper nix’s Album Monday segment is featuring an album produced by someone else – the editors of Utah Bride and Groom magazine!

Of the hundreds of wedding photographers in Utah, and from the thousands of weddings that were photographed, the editors of Utah Bride & Groom magazine select just 6 to showcase in their magazine each year. This is the fourth year that Pepper Nix Photography has been selected to be featured, and we would like to say to the editors of Utah Bride and Groom, thank you – clearly, you are brilliant, and you have excellent taste! :D

I have been waiting to show you this wedding ever since I learned that it had been selected to be featured, and I just got the PDFs this week from the editor to share the full article with you!  [The PDfs from Utah Bride and Groom are SO much better then the scans from my scanner...]

This great article [spread over 6 pages!] told in great detail of Sophie & Aaron’s courtship, wedding plans, and finally, the execution of their Wedding Day.





It was a fabulous article, but of course, there are limitations with printing and page space [honestly I could have filled an entire magazine with pictures from this weekend!], so here for you now are my favorites from their Wedding Day!

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Hotel Park City | Sophie + Aaron | Rehearsal Dinner

904-0360.jpgI had so much fun with these guys, I got to spend the entire weekend with Sophie & Aaron!

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Park City | Sophie + Aaron | Engagements

park-city-engagements-904-0010.jpgI can’t believe that this entire week got away from me!  It’s mid-April, and I feel like I’m in the middle of June it’s so busy!  Right now we are in the middle of a ton of bridal sessions, engagement sessions, most brides getting married in the summer put off their engagements and bridals until the weather got nice, and this week, it got NICE!

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Deer Valley | Black Leather Matted Album

park-city-wedding-album-904A-08.jpgThe Wedding so nice it came back twice!  Well, not really, this Album from Aaron and Sophie’s wedding is for Aaron’s mom Barbara.

It’s a 60 side 11×14 matted Album, which is nice to show because it’s something a bit different!  In a matted Album, instead of the images being printed on one solid sheet, they are printed and placed individually, with a matte around them.  It doesn’t get more traditional than this for a Wedding Album!  However, even with the tradition of the mattes, we were still able to make it solidly ours by custom designing the mattes.

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Boise | Krissie’s Graduation

Zen14986.jpgI bought a new camera last year and wanted to rigorously test it out before the Wedding Season got under way, so I brought it to my Aunt Krissie’s graduation. Krissie got her Masters degree in clinical psychology, and we all went to Boise to surprise her and support her!

My Aunt Krissie actually lived with us when I was growing up. Even though she is my mom’s sister, she is 17 years younger than Bobbie and only 8 years older than me, so really, she’s more like my big sister than my Auntie.

Krissie and her husband live in a home with tons of west facing windows, the light pours in and I was just having a ball. I was also in a really big B&W mood, and since this was all experimentation, I had a blast.

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What do you do when a wedding gets cancelled?

salt-lake-city-wedding-photography-932-0509.jpgAbout once a year, I get a phone call that sucks.  A distraught bride, or a broken-hearted groom, calling me to tell me that my services will no longer be needed.  Those calls are never fun.  Usually there are tears, maybe they give me an explanation, maybe not.  Sometimes it’s too painful for the caller to do anything but cry.  I never want anyone to have to feel that, the pain of being rejected by the person you believed you were going to spend your life with.  It sucks.

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