-Should I hire a second photographer?

YES. Because we like to be in two places at once!  Each of our photographers are really amazing, but having a second set of eyes, and a second camera going (with a different lens!) allows for different perspectives and really well rounded set of wedding images. Adding a 2nd photographer also means that your lead photographer will be by your side the whole day, while the second can get getting ready shots of the groom, detail shots of the reception while your lead photographer does your family photos and you'll come away with loads of candid images from the dance party. Not to mention a close up AND an overview of your first kiss.

Because really, you'll want both versions in your wedding album.



-A first look? But isn't bad luck to see each other before the ceremony? 

YES YES YES A FIRST LOOK. It's worse luck to be stressed out, not get all the photos you wanted and to spend your cocktail hour taking rushed photos instead of enjoying the amazing food and drinks you're paying for. The days of the groom not seeing the bride before the ceremony are so long gone, it's a silly tradition that originated from arranged marriages and we're so not about that.

We're about making sure you get the most out of your wedding day, and spending the afternoon before the ceremony doing the most romantic first look ever, getting those gorgeous couple portraits, and helping you capture your wish list of wedding party + family group photos that you need to have. Because after all, this day will only happen once, so let's make the most of the time before the ceremony. Fun Fact: 90% of our brides do a first look, and that other 10%...they always come back and tell us they wish they did. 

Don't worry, we think the first time you see each other on the wedding day is sacred. So, during the first look, it'll just be you two, and your photographer (and your videographer if you're smart and you hired one!).  We'll stage your groom looking towards the mountains (or whatever magical backdrop happens to be around us), and have you walk up behind him, lightly touch his shoulder, and BAM. You'll get to see each other in your wedding day perfection, and since it's just you... you can ugly cry! He can even grab your sweet booty 'cause you know it looks HOT in that dress.  

You'll  be able to relive those special moments again and again, and your wedding portraits....let's just say they'll be magical since you'll be positively  glowing from the total romance of your first look. And guess what else. Doing the first look allows you plenty of time for us to get creative with your wedding party photos, and make sure your family is happy with all the photos too!

AND then, during the ceremony, you won't have all this pressure and you'll get to focus on the purpose of the whole day, saying I DO.



-Should I hire a wedding planner?

Whether or not you actually hire an actual wedding planner, that responsibility will fall on someone's shoulders because let's face it -the reality is you can't be in charge of keeping your bridesmaids on schedule when you're having your hair & makeup done and heading out to your first look... and you won't  be able to light the candles for the reception and put your escort cards out because you'll be standing promising forever to your man. When the other vendors, including and especially your photographer have to step in and take on wedding planner duties so you can feel like the bride you are, it adds undue stress and makes it more challenging for them to actually do the work you've hired them to do.

Oh, and regardless of what your favorite aunt says, it's not her responsibility to step in and make sure things are going well on the wedding day-all your family and friends should be doing is getting dressed and arriving for family photos on time-not managing your vendors.

Your most perfect day ever isn't worth risking because there wasn't any one there to execute your details and wedding day timeline. For us to create amazing photos on your wedding day, we need to be the photographer and only the photographer...not the photographer/wedding planner. Don't hesitate to chat with us about wedding planner recommendations, because let's face it...simply choosing a wedding planner can be stressful! 

-How do you feel about videographers? Should I hire one? Isn't photography enough? Won't they get in your way?

If there's one thing we love it's amazing wedding images. If there's a second thing, it's an epic wedding highlight video, and if there's a third, it's working with some of our favorite crazy talented wedding videographers...and really they're worthy of the label cinematographer... which leads us to Pepper's answer to this popular question: 

"I adore Cinematographers!  Imagine that the photos that you see that I take, start to move.  That’s exactly what it’s like, the talented cinematographers I work with and recommend, they use the exact same camera system that I use.  We spend the day with you having fun, swapping lenses, planning how to light the first dance, it’s a fun time and you get an incredible video that you keep on your phone and share with friends and family.  It’s not some weird gross VHS cassette that you never watch ever.  FYI, a good cinematographer will cost about the same amount as a good photographer, there are no shortcuts."

-What happens if my photographer gets sick? 

Sick?  Well, first let’s define sick.  Sick is NOT *cough cough* "oh I’m a little under the weather, I guess I can’t go to my wedding today!"  To us, sick means, in the hospital-hooked up to tubes-and the doctor says your photographer can’t leave.  Which would totally suck, but you’d get another amazing member of the Pepper Nix Team, or a full refund.   Again, this deserves another quote from Pepper herself:

"If I’m not in the hospital or at my own funeral, I will be there with bells on!  I’ve got a special cocktail I drink only on occasions where I’m feeling under the weather.  It consists of 3 caffeine pills, 3 dayquil, and a red bull.  I may not remember your wedding, but by god I’ll be there and the pictures will be fabulous!

-When should we do our engagement session?


Our advice is to do the engagement session as soon as possible. Unless you're planning on it being in a specific season (for example, if you want it in October so you can have the amazing fall back drop, in which case we would say the leaves are SO much prettier in September so let's do it then), let's get your session on the books as soon as we can.

Fun Fact: Engagement sessions are a really important key to the success of your wedding photos, so we suggest that every couple has a session with their wedding photographer prior to the wedding. It helps the photographers get to know you and your fiancé prior to the wedding-knowing how you act and relate to each other behind the camera before the big day makes all the difference in the world! P.S. If you're having a destination wedding, our photographers can actually travel to where you live and do your engagements session there! We're flexible and want to make your experience as a bride to be amazing.


-What questions should I be asking that I haven't asked? 

You didn’t ask about our imaginary pet llama.  His name is Frank, and he doesn’t like it when you stare.

You also haven’t asked about backup equipment and insurance.  Basically, we have both of those, and so should any photographer you talk to about shooting your wedding.  But we do, I’m so glad you asked about that!

-What will my photographer wear to my wedding? 

Your photographer will wear whatever your guests are wearing. If it's a black tie wedding, we want to blend in. If it's a backyard BBQ and the dress is Cowboy Casual, we'll be there in our blue jeans. We're there to blend in and do our job-not to showcase our own fashion style. Most likely we will be wearing something in either very stylish black or fabulous dark espresso. 

P.S., we suggest all your other vendors ALSO wear a similar shade of black only...that way they all just blend right into the wedding photos.