Utah for Your Destination Wedding

Pepper Nix is Utah’s top destination wedding photographer.

From deep green mountain forests and barren red-orange desserts to urban city skylines and pristine lakes and rivers, Utah has beautiful landscapes like none other. Let that beauty be the backdrop of your destination wedding and let the Pepper Nix Wedding Photographers capture it. Whether you are planning on being sealed at one of the LDS temples throughout the state or want an outdoor wedding in the wide, open spaces, Pepper Nix Photography knows Utah.

With the Wasatch Front as home-base, the scope of Utah is easily accessible making Pepper Nix the top choice as your Utah destination wedding photographer. As you plan your special event you can be at ease that we have the all-important aspect of your destination wedding photography taken care of.

Utah’s Best Wedding Photography

As a busy, whirl-wind time, your wedding day is something that you want to look back on for years to come. Let our photographers capture the details of the day. We capture time with the bride and her attendants, getting ready, laughing and sharing time together as well as the groomsmen as they prepare for the big day, focusing on their bonds and friendship. We love capturing that moment as the groom sees his bride for the first time that day. We specialize in translating those emotions and moments for you to experience again and again.

And that is just the beginning, we love telling the story of your day through our photography. The parts of the wedding day that you might miss, the ceremony and reception after. We want you to remember the wedding that you had and experience the event your guests went to.

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With Pepper Nix Wedding Photographers, you get dedicated, professional photographers, who know each wedding is different and seek ways to capture the matchless beauty of yours. Call us today at 801-661-1106 to discuss your wedding destination in Utah, and the packages available.