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Most brides-to-be have been planning their wedding since they were young. Whether from the size of the bridal party to the number of guests invited, here in Salt Lake, weddings are a big deal. The wedding culture in Utah is unlike any other state, which is why having a professional wedding photographer is essential to capture every moment. 
From the moment the question is popped, you’ve been busy planning the details of your perfect day. Once you’ve found the perfect dress, booked the venue, and have the caterers lined up, how are you going to capture the events of your big day? Pepper Nix Wedding Photographers are the top photographers in Salt Lake City, UT. We hold that accolade because our team really understands the importance of marriage and all that a well-planned wedding entails. 

Professional Wedding Photography 

It pays to have a professional photographer shoot your wedding and reception because it’s such a hectic day. As the busy bride and groom, there are bound to be moments that you miss or forget as the day progresses. The best way to make sure you don’t miss a thing is to have the expertise of Pepper Nix. Pepper Nix Wedding Photography is famous throughout the Wasatch Front for capturing candid photojournalistic shots from your first moments together as a married couple to the big reception after. 
With Pepper Nix wedding photography, you get a comprehensive package of still images from your big day. Our photoshoots begin by capturing special moments with the respective wedding parties. We strive to tell the story of your wedding day including the precious details of the clothing as well as the time spent in the company of your entourage. Similarly, we check in on the attendants, as they celebrate before the big ceremony. All of this leads up to one of our favorite shots, the couple’s first look at each other. You can attend your wedding through the photographs and images we capture for you, so you can relive those valuable moments for the rest of your lives together. 

The Importance of Knowing Your Venue

There are some beautiful venues for a wedding in Salt Lake, from the mountains and ski resorts to historic buildings and traditional reception centers. Whatever your taste is, there’s a perfect place for you. Pepper Nix Wedding Photographers know all the valley’s venues well, so your photos will turn out beautifully. So, whether you’re being sealed in the LDS Temple downtown and having your reception at The Grand America, or holding your wedding at Snowbird, you can rely on our team of photographers to capture those special moments that make your day one to remember. 
Pepper Nix Wedding Photography has gained notoriety across the Salt Lake City area for stunning professional photography. We’ve made such a great impression, that several high-profile venues have reserved us as a preferred wedding photographer. Our in-depth knowledge and familiarity with these venues allow us to naturally capture great lighting, beautiful backgrounds, and special moments. All of these characteristics combine to give you an amazing overview of your wedding day. A sample of our favorite venues include:

Blue Sky Ranch

St. Regis Deer Valley

The Montage Deer Valley

The Grand America Hotel

La Caille


Red Butte Garden

Hotel Monaco

Visit our Favorite Venues page to see the full list.

The Story of Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most significant events in your life, and having a professional photographer document every detail ensures you’ll be able to look back on those images fondly. As one of Salt Lake City’s most sought-after companies, the team with Pepper Nix Wedding Photographers is eager to capture every moment for you to look back on for years to come. When our wedding photographers shoot your wedding, you have the expertise of an award-winning team dedicated to preserving the most beautiful moments of your ceremony and celebration to share with friends, family, and posterity.

Contact Salt Lake’s Premier Photographer

No matter if you’re tying the knot outdoors under a canopy of evergreens and aspens, a charming chapel in the Avenues, or one of the city’s premier venues, we will capture the complete beauty of the ceremony, your party, and the joy of those attending the reception. The photographers at Pepper Nix Wedding Photography want to capture moments you’ll treasure for a lifetime. We know how important each wedding is and how individual they are, so we spend the time to know our clients and catch your unique personality as a couple and as an event. Call us today at 801-661-1106 to learn what makes us the best wedding photographers around Salt Lake City, UT.